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Night of January 16th


MAD Productions will be performing Ayn Rand's classic courtroom drama Night of January 16th this April. The play is unique in that the ending is determined by the jury which is chosen from the audience attending that performance. There are two different endings depending on a guilty or innocent verdict.

The Story: Bjorn Faulkner, swindler of millions from investors, falls to his death from his penthouse. Suspect, Karen Andre, his secretary and long-time mistress, is placed on trial for his murder. Prior to his death, his failing company is infused with a large amount of money by one John Graham Whitfield, a prominent banker, and his now recent father-in-law. His mistress, now on trial for his death. Was it murder? Was it suicide? Within two acts, the prosecutor and defense lawyer must now call upon a number of witnesses, including a private investigator, the coroner, and a notorious gangster, whose testimony builds a contradictory story.

Ayn Rand’s remarkable play uses the setting of a murder trial to examine the rise and fall of a brilliant, ruthless man. But this is no ordinary courtroom drama: here, the audience is the jury and are called upon to deliver their verdict at each performance!