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Press Release: Night of January 16th

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For Immediate Release:

MAD Productions announces tickets on sale now for “The Night Of January 16th” by Ayn Rand Directed by Olin Meadows

Performances: April 4-13, 2019 Thursday - Saturday 7:30 PM

CD Fulkes Auditorium

300 W Anderson Ave, Round Rock, TX 78664

TICKETS: All Tickets $15.00

BOX OFFICE: or by calling 512-815-8552

MEDIA: Please contact Olin Meadows 512-815-8552

MAD Productions will be performing Ayn Rand's classic courtroom drama Night of January 16th this April. The play is unique in that the ending is determined by the jury which is chosen from the audience attending that performance. There are two different endings depending on a guilty or innocent verdict.

The Story: Bjorn Faulkner, swindler of millions from investors, falls to his death from his penthouse. Suspect, Karen Andre, his secretary and long-time mistress, is placed on trial for his murder. Prior to his death, his failing company is infused with a large amount of money by one John Graham Whitfield, a prominent banker, and his now recent father-in-law. His mistress, now on trial for his death. Was it murder? Was it suicide? Within two acts, the prosecutor and defense lawyer must now call upon a number of witnesses, including a private investigator, the coroner, and a notorious gangster, whose testimony builds a contradictory story.

Ayn Rand’s remarkable play uses the setting of a murder trial to examine the rise and fall of a brilliant, ruthless man. But this is no ordinary courtroom drama: here, the audience is the jury and are called upon to deliver their verdict at each performance!

The production team for Night of January 16th includes Founding Artistic Director Olin Meadows whose work includes, The Oldest Profession (Agape Theatre) as well as The Crucible, A Streetcar Named Desire, Steel Magnolias, and The Importance of Being Earnest, and his award-winning productions of Peter Pan and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Both of which, won the Best Theatrical Production Round Rock 2 years in a row. The production team is rounded out by Beth Woodfin MAD Production’s Technical Director, and Rhonda Demings as Stage Manager whose resume includes numerous record-breaking productions of theatre for youth and families in the Greater Round Rock area!

The Cast of Night of January 16th includes Cari Ancelet as Karen Andre, Joe Bunner as Mr. Stevens, Michelle Putman as District Attorney Flint. Jo Rake as Dr. Kirkland, Brandon Coy as Night Watchman Hutchins. Rob Faubion as Private Investigator Van Fleet, Judith Sloan as Magda Svenson, David Woodfin as Investigator Sweeney, Molly Stringer as Nancy Lee Faulkner, Ryan Putman as John Graham Whitfield, Jenna Thomas as Handwriting Expert Chandler, Christopher Cannata as Siegurd Junguist, Colin Lee as Guts Reagan, Jennifer Gonzalez as Judge Heath. Quintessa Johnson as the Court Clerk, and Jesse Demings as the Bailiff.

Night of January 16th is presented in 2 acts with a 10-minute intermission. The performance is just under 2 hours including intermission! All tickets for MAD Productions are $15. Making them a steal of a deal! For more information and tickets please log on to

Night of January 16th

By Ayn Rand

Directed by Olin Meadows


April 4-13, 2019 Thursday - Saturday 7:30 pm

CD Fulkes Auditorium

300 W Anderson Ave,

Round Rock, TX 78664

All Tickets $15.00

For Tickets and More Information - WWW..MADPRODUCTIONSRR.ORG