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Tuesday, Feb. 5th and Wednesday Feb. 6th

Callbacks: Thursday Feb. 7th


6pm - 9pm, CST by appointment only


CD Fulkes Middle School, Round Rock

Audition Requirements:

  • Headshots (preferred, but not required)

  • Resume (preferred, but not required)

  • Auditions will be 1-2 Minute Dramatic Monologues. Call-Backs will be cold readings from the script.  Some actors may be asked to read from the script on the spot. Experienced actors with strong acting abilities are needed; all actors are encouraged to audition. See character breakdown for specifics on available roles. NOTE: All ages listed are suggestions not set in stone as are gender for most of the characters listed.

Open roles:

  • Mr./Ms. Stevens � Defense counsel for Karen Andre. He seems to admire the ideals which Bjorn and Karen espouse in their lives. Should present as age 30+ Male or Female

  • Mr/Ms.. Flint � Prosecution. Flint stands for more traditional values and desires Karen to be convicted as much because she represents an affront to the status quo as because of her guilt.  Should present as age 30+ Male or Female

  • Dr. Kirkland � Medical examiner for the county. Delivers testimony on the condition of the body. Should present as age 40+ Male or Female

  • John Joseph Hutchins � A meek and elderly security guard/doorman. He is one of the witnesses who sees Bjorn and Karen on the night of January 16th. Should present as age  60+ Male

  • Mr./Ms. Van Fleet � A private detective who was hired by Nancy Lee Faulkner and has been trailing Bjorn since the night of the marriage of Bjorn and Nancy. Van Fleet’s main testimony is of the events of January 16th, which he was also a witness to. Not terribly bright, for which he tries to compensate by keeping meticulous notes on his observations which he frequently refers to.  Should present as age 30+ Male or Female

  • Magda Svenson � Swedish with a very thick accent. Very religious and severe. She was Bjorn Faulkner's nursemaid when he was a child and currently serves as housekeeper. Her testimony covers the period between Karen Andre's initial employment and the night of January 16th. Highly disapproves of the loose sexual morality of Karen, but still loves Bjorn as if he were her own child. Should present as age 60+ Female

  • Detective Sweeney � First policeman on the scene, Sweeny finds the suicide note and comes off as being a bit of a bumpkin in the testimony of the 16th. Should present as age 25+ Male or Female

  • Nancy Lee Faulkner  - Widow of Bjorn Faulkner and daughter of John Graham Whitfield. She met Bjorn at a society event and decided that she had to have him. Her testimony covers their courtship and marriage, portraying both as idyllic. Should present as age 20+ Female

  • John Graham Whitfield  - Father-in-law of Bjorn Faulkner. He is the president of Whitfield National Bank. He purports himself as the kind of person who never loses his temper, but proves himself a liar several times in the course of both times he is called to the stand. In his first appearance on the stand, he testifies mainly on the financial matters of Bjorn. His second appearance has him answering questions raised by defense testimony. Should present as age 60+ Male

  • Mr. /Ms. Chandler  - Handwriting expert for the local police department. Chandler testifies on the possibility of the suicide letter being forged, but says they have determined it to be authentic. Should present as age 25+ Male or Female

  • Siegurd Jungquist  - Swedish with a faint accent. Jungquist was hired as Bjorn Faulkner's secretary after Karen was fired. Jungquist admires Bjorn highly and would do anything to help him. Jungquists’ testimony regards events between Karen's firing and the night of January 16th and related financial matters. Should present as age 30+ Male or Female

  • Lawrence "Guts" Regan � A gangster who is in love with Karen Andre. His testimony covers the time from when he met Karen to the day before the trial. Should present as age 30+ Male

  • Judge Heath-  Presides over the proceedings of the court is every bit the typical and expected image of a Judge. Stoic and reserved. Should present as age 40+ Male or Female

  • Clerk (court clerk) - Very Few Lines professional, and reserved. Very Few Lines. Should present as age 18+ Male or Female

  • Bailiff (court officer) - Uniformed and professional Very Few Lines. Should present as age 18+ Male or Female

Make sure to READ THE PLAY. Look over the specifics for the characters you would like to be considered for. Be prepared to answer questions about the story.

You must have any and all unavoidable conflicts listed on your audition sheet. Rehearsal Conflicts and absences after auditions will not be accepted. Performance Dates: April 4-13 Thursday – Saturday 7:30 pm (6 Performances)

Rehearsal Schedule: Required meeting/Read Through Tuesday February 12th, 2018 6:30 - 9:30. Most rehearsals are flexible with schedule. ONCE CONFLICTS have been approved all other rehearsals are MANDATORY unless negotiated with the Director & Stage Manager IN ADVANCE. Please provide a complete list of conflicts at Auditions.

REHEARSAL DATES: (NOTE: Not all dates are MANDATORY for entire cast; Director only calls individuals that will be needed for each rehearsal).

Mandatory dates for all cast members:

Read Through Tuesday February 12th 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM.

TECH REHEARSAL DATES: March 30 1:00-4:00 (or until finished) and April 1-2 6:30 - 10:30 (or until finished)

FINAL DRESS: Wednesday April 3 6:30 - Finished

Strike - April 13th Immediately After Show